SoBro Face Oil

SoBro Face Oil


SoBro Face Oil for soothed, smoothed and balanced skin.

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Her skin feels dry and taut after washing her face.  The black pump delivers SoBro Face Oil from the blue glass bottle to her palm.  She massages the oil into the skin around her eyes, over her sinuses, circling her mouth, upward on her neck and into her décolletage.  What a wonderful word, décolletage.  Her skin drinks in the oil, feeling hydrated and smooth.  She closes her eyes to indulge in the subtle scent that passersby will later admire.  Her fingers rub the leftover oil onto her elbows.  She has been using it for years on her oily, then combination, then dry and mature skin.  That woman is me, Sophia Brothers Peterman, and I want to share this marvelous face oil with you.

SoBro Face Oil contains high quality lavender, rose, geranium, clary sage, frankincense and myrrh essential oils mixed with evening primrose oil, castor oil and vitamin E in jojoba extract.  It is sold in 2-ounce bottles.  A handy pump dispenser is included.  A 2-ounce bottle lasts approximately two months with twice daily use. Shipping is free.

Instructions: Shake each time before using.  Apply a couple of pumps of SoBro Face Oil to your face after washing it in the morning and evening.  It can be used under make-up and sunscreen.  SoBro Face Oil is very gentle.  However if your skin becomes irritated, stop using it.  Contact if you desire a refund.

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 What people are saying about SoBro Face Oil

“I love your oil.  It is so good for my skin.  In fact, I went to visit my daughter and she really wanted the oil and I gave her the one I had knowing that I had an extra one at home.  Went three days without your oil and I could tell.  I missed using it.  I am now back with the oil and happy.  Thanks again.”

“I’m motivated to write today because of your fantastic face oil!  As I was washing my face yesterday morning, I really noticed that my skin felt smooth, firm and hydrated and I realized that the ONLY change I’ve made in the past few weeks is using your oil.  Same routines, same facial products, same diet, same amount of sleep.  So I think it’s a pretty scientific experiment and the conclusion is sound!  I admit that at first, the scent seemed a bit strong for me, not sure which component, but that was more because it was new and different as I’ve come to love it.  Even my husband likes it–he said he’s having some of the aromatherapy too.”

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